The Scientific Data Management System

Find Your Research Data

Finding lab data is challenging, especially if the scientist who carried out the measurement has left.

With LOGS, you can easily search and filter your lab data by metadata, such as samples, people and instruments.

Store Your Data for the Long Term

Backing up data is simple in theory but hard to do in practice. Even if you have protocols in place, manual processes create inconsistent results.

With LOGS, the raw data is automatically retained, saved alongside metadata, and protected against tampering.

Automatically Extract Metadata

Raw data is useless without context, which can be tough to find in paper-based lab books.

LOGS automatically extracts metadata and stores it alongside raw data, keeping it reproducible and reusable.

Access Your Data Securely from Anywhere

Scientific data is often shared via email or shared network drives. However, email is unencrypted and can be intercepted, while network drives often lack granular permissioning and may require VPNs to access remotely.

LOGS makes data easily accessible and shareable through a web browser, with granular permissions for each data set. You can even share specific data with external collaborators. LOGS uses TLS security, the same technology that is used for online banking.

Automatically Pull Your Data

If you’ve ever asked a team of people to follow a manual process, you know that results can be spotty. That’s not something you can afford when it comes to uploading measurement data to your system of record.

LOGS monitors instruments and automatically uploads newly acquired data. As a result, you have 100% of your measurement data in the system.

Visualize Your Data Without Third-Party Software

When you store measurement data in systems that don’t understand the types of measurement data they are storing, you need to download data from the system and load it into an instrument-specific software to view it.

LOGS natively understands a growing number of data formats and visualizes them directly in your browser without requiring third-party software, making your life much easier if you need to inspect your data years later.

Monitor Your Measurements in Progress

Some measurements can be finicky or take a long time to complete. That can be a challenge if you don’t want to babysit the instrument for hours.

LOGS enables you to remotely view the progress of your measurement and view data in progress. If you’re next in line for the instrument, you can even check if it’s ready for you.

Use One Solution for Many Data Formats

Each methodology and vendor uses different data formats.

LOGS supports a wide variety of data formats to extract parameters and measurement data, enabling searches and visualization. Further data formats are being implemented continually.

Integrate With Your ELN or LIMS

You may already have a LIMS or ELN system, and storing data in different places can be confusing.

LOGS supports bidirectional integrations with your existing ELNs or LIMS to simplify your work.

Helps With FAIR Compliance

Major funding bodies are requiring principal investigators to comply with the FAIR principles: Scientific data gathered through their funding has to be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. A data management plan has to be included in many grant proposals. Failure to comply with FAIR can make you ineligible for future funding.

Using LOGS helps prove that you have a data management plan in place and that you’re complying with FAIR principles.

Keep Your Data in Your Own Data Center

Hosting data in the cloud can be easier, but some organizations prefer to manage data in-house.

With LOGS, you can choose between hosting in our server environment or in your own data center.

Avoid Data Lock-In

Your data is yours even if you decide not to continue your contract with us. Simply export your data from the platform including the original folder structure and raw data. If you’re hosting your own server, you can also continue to use LOGS but you will no longer be able to add new data to the platform.

Want to take LOGS for a test drive?

Get in touch with us to get a demo or try out LOGS with your own data!