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LOGS Release 2.5

LOGS Release 2.5 primarily focuses on improving the data handling experience. In this release, our main emphasis was on optimizing and simplifying data upload processes and enhancing the visualization of dataset details. Moreover, we have made substantial improvements behind the scenes, resulting in increased speed and a redesigned user interface.


  • LOGS-Bridge – The Automatic Data Upload
  • New Manual Data Upload
  • Renewed Dataset Detail Page
  • New Dataformats
  • Further Additions and Fixes

LOGS-Bridge – The Automatic Data Upload

The new automatic upload client, Bridge Client for short, is a small but very effective data upload tool that can easily be installed on a data PC that is e.g. connected to an instrument. LOGS-Bridge allows you to seamlessly integrate your instrument data into LOGS – fully automated. The Bridge Client is designed to push data from your instruments to LOGS-SDMS.

Once installed, the Bridge Client establishes a secure and reliable connection with your LOGS-SDMS, eliminating the need for complex networking and firewall configurations.

Bridge Setup Wizard Screenshot

Additionally, the Bridge Client provides you with the flexibility to customize Data Sources based on your specific requirements. You can easily define upload schedules, data formats, and other parameters, tailoring the client to suit your preferences and workflow.

LOGS-Bridge Data Source Screenshot

You can the download the LOGS-Bridge Client from within LOGS-SDMS, under More:Tools:LOGS Bridge.

New Manual Data Upload

In addition to the automatic data upload using LOGS Bridge, it can be necessary to manually upload data. For example to update processed data or to upload data from a collaborator. With LOGS 2.5 we introduce our completely redesigned Manual Data Upload page. This feature will provide you with a seamless and intuitive experience when manually uploading data to your LOGS server. 

Manual Data Upload Screenshot

Renewed Dataset Detail Page

Last but not least, the new dataset detail page is part of our latest release. This page offers a comprehensive overview of each dataset, providing all crucial information for our users on one page. The dataset detail page features various tiles, each displaying specific details to enhance data understanding. The largest tile on the page is devoted to a preview of the LOGS viewer, our powerful tool for visualizing and analyzing the dataset.

Dataset Detail Page Screenshot

New Dataformats

LOGS-SDMS is able to visualize about 100 different dataformats from various measurments methods and vendors. With this release, four new dataformats have been implemented.

  • UV/Vis (Varian Cary)
  • Instrument Configurations (JEOL)
  • Sequencing (.vcf)
  • spread sheets (.ods, .xls, .xlxs)

Further Additions and Fixes

  • Various bug fixes and small improvements
  • Carolin Frohnapfel
  • August 21, 2023
  • Release Letter
LOGS contains a central repository that makes your experimental data findable. It automatically pulls raw data from instruments, extracts metadata, and makes it accessible via your browser.
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